Why You Need Sex Lotions? – See the Difference

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You can do a lot of things that could spice up your intimate moments, better be adventurous than be boring as they say, if these things will be able to make things a bit easy and enjoyable to both of you then why not? Just like the use of sex lotions, why is it sometimes a need for some? The following information will give you the idea and how would sex lotion be able to make your sex better than before.

Using regular lotion during intimate moments would really give you so much trouble, you may be experiencing hurtful dryness and would like to lubricate things, reason why technology and science came up with the use of sex lotions and lubes that are made purposely for sexual related benefits. Yes, it is safe for you or couples to use sex lotions at all times. Doctors made it then doctors trust it, here are the benefits you can get in using sex lotions.

Remedy for Vaginal Dryness- For all reasons of vaginal dryness that makes sex really painful for women, sex lotions and lubes are the things that you really need. There are natural and post -menopausal reasons why women are experiencing these kinds of conditions, any of these will benefit the sex lotion.

Spices up Oral Sex- This is true when you are using flavored lubes and sex lotions. When you are thinking of using food with sex, that may cause either allergy or infection, so better to stick for what is purposely made for the activity.

Sex Toys would be more fun- Sex toys are incapable of making your vagina wet naturally, so it is requiring you to do it first before you insert, so what if you got dryness? That would cause so much pain and irritation, so sex toys would always work best with a sex toy.

No more delays- Dryness would really be a big problem if you already or your many already have the desire of intercourse. This will affect the mood and turn the fire off. The use of lubes will create an instant slip which will help the penetration done whenever you like it.

Good for a hand Job- No hand job will really pleasure a man than to have it with a sex lotion. Desires will really come out, the slippery sensation would give the best feeling to the skin of your man’s penis and will lead to a sexier hand job.

Even after sex, sex lotion is one thing that will give both of you the relaxation you need to just cuddle and sleep. Nothing’s sweeter than to give your partner a massage, talk, and share ideas in any topic. This will give you quality time of bonding as well as to make each other special and important.

These are the reasons why sex lotions are really advisable to any couple out there, grab one now and experience the total difference when having it.


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